Contrast between Community Weaver 3 and present system

For more information about Community Weaver 3, go here to read the inspiring story of how it was developed. Here is everything you need to know about community weaver

I have listed the challenges that BACE is facing below, and shown how Community Weaver 3 can address those challenges.

Challenge: Currently there are only three people who attend meetings-AZ, Carl, and Ohana. They are all very busy and don’t have the time needed to do the work that is needed to move forward.

Solution: Using Community Weaver 3 would make it easier for people to once again do exchanges, thus increasing the usefulness and vibrancy of BACE. People might be more willing to step up to the plate and be in leadership roles.

Challenge: Lots of problems in the user interface.

Solution: According to Time Banks USA, after decades of working on this, they finally have found a solution! “Like all Timebanking endeavors, it has been a labor of love, streaming from the hearts of coordinators who stepped up to give their honest and passionate input and their ultimate wisdom from the field. TimeBanks USA teamed these leaders with software developer Kent Davidson, who created CW 3 with the stability and adaptability to propel the Timebank Movement forward into our bright future. We are so excited that CW 3 is now a reality!

Challenge: Usage of the time bank has diminished drastically since the last software update.

Solution: By simply using the Community Weaver 3, people may be willing to get involved again since it is so much easier to use and more effective. Read this article for the amazing list of advantages that Community Weaver offers.

Challenge: No members right now have the skills to do developing

Solution: Community Weaver 3 is already developed! No need for developers.. However, since this is an open source software, we can play a part in making CW3 even better.

Challenge: The platform is not user friendly.

Solution: after years of research, coordinators and the software engineer figured out all the challenges. This is what they say: “Community Weaver 3 is streamlined, smart, and nimble. Members will love the simplicity and responsiveness of their pages, will find it all at the click of a mouse, and they can quickly get down to building community in earnest. We are already getting rave reviews from our test sites in , PA and NOLA TB in Louisiana, and we are gearing up for a smooth transition for TB’s ready for the switch.” (this was about a year ago. Now all the time banks are getting on Community Weaver 3)

Challenge  The current platform costs  $42 a month.

Solution: Community Weaver 3 is only $25 one time fee. They have in the past tried to be funded by people paying a membership fee, but they realized that they wanted to be practicing what they preached, and just give the software away, as well as make it open source.

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