Facts about Community Weaver 3

Here is an overview of the Community Weaver 3 http://timebanks.org/community-weaver-3-has-arrived/

Here is something that a developer said:

I was so excited when I learned that Community Weaver 2.0 was built on Drupal, Community Accounting, and other pre-existing pieces of free code software, built by open source communities. Because building CW 2.0 on their work was only possible because they made it a public commons using free software licenses like the GNU GPL, it seemed only natural that the small modules of custom software written specifically for CW 2.0 would be released as free code, in the spirit of reciprocity.

Now we are offered CW 3.0, which still seems to built on all this work by others, but the custom work done by Kent Davidson doesn’t appear to have been contributed back the commons. This makes the CW 3.0 what we might call an “open core” softare, and the TB USA service running on it a “proprietary cloud”:

“Remember, we don’t pay the actual cost of software development because we are paying in the myriad ways of capitalism, with intrusion into our website histories and cookies; we pay dearly in the loss of control over our lives.”

I couldn’t agree more. I look forward to seeing TBUSA publish full documentation and source code for CW 3.0, under a free code license. I would recommend the GNU AGPLv3, which is intended for software used in servers running websites.

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