Overview of Time Bank software


I have done research on other software that is available. My conclusion is that being connected to Timebanks USA and using their open source software Community Weaver 3 is the easiest, simplest way to move forward at this time. However,  Community Forge has been highly recommended by Stephanie Rearick of Mutual Aid Network. Other time banks use other software.

Here is a brief summary of this:

TimeBanks use software to manage all the information that members supply and to keep track of exchanges. The software provided by TimeBanks USA is open source, and is called Community Weaver.  Many others exist; we have counted more than 30! Some TimeBanks have software exclusive to them. The software that is provided by the  hOurWorld network of TimeBanks is called Time and Talents. Community Forge is another open source software.

Most TimeBanks nowadays have an online presence besides the software. It may be just a facebook page. Or a website AND a facebook page. Or more. Much depends on whether there are media-savvy members willing to take this on for time credits on behalf of the TimeBank.


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