The need for an active team

There has not been an active team for over a few months now, and in order to move forward, I see a need for a clearly defined goal-oriented team that empowered to act.

I am excited about working with AZ on this team, and I hope that others like Carl and Ohana will continue to participate. I look forward to seeing if there are other people who have been active before, or who now have the time and interest to join a team.

Since the way that BACE is structured right now is that whoever comes to the meeting makes the decisions, then whoever wants to be on the team can put forth their desire at the meeting. Of course, people who can’t make the meeting can also say they want to be on the team.

People who want to be on the team can list their goals and qualifications, and then we can post this on this blog. The post can be sent out to members via email, and people can have a chance to voice any concerns or encouragement.

Once the team is established, and if there are no objections from BACE members, a defined team can more easily make decisions. Of course one of the main things that the team will do is continually be communicating with BACE members to get input, and do everything they can to listen to concerns and act in constructive ways that are in alignment with BACE’s values and goals which are described as follows:

The Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank, a project of BACE, is a community of reciprocal exchange that aims to create a resilient web of relationships between individuals and with community service organizations.

The Timebank helps facilitate better communication and distribution of resources while encouraging community-building through more in person contact at complementary events, classes, skillshares, swaps, nonprofit volunteering opportunities and organizational partnerships.

Do you want to be on the team?

Do you have any objections to there being a defined team rather than a do-ocracy as has been the case–where anyone who shows up to meetings make the decisions?

Do you have suggestions for who might want to be on the team.








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