Agenda for next meeting: Feedback requested

Of course anyone can add an agenda item to this list. We do want to know ahead of time so that we can be sure to have enough time to cover all the items.

AZ will facilitate the meeting unless someone else has a burning desire to do so. He will be on had via conference call. If you do not want to come to the in person meeting, here is the number to call: (712) 451-0011. Access Code: 433478. Doc: New Work & BACE Path Forward

Carl will be present in person at the Omni Commons with a phone and a speaker so that everyone can hear conference call participants clearly. Please be on time for the business meeting at 7pm  because we will not want to interrupt the meeting to open the door.

Here is the agenda so far:

Check in: each person can share briefly where they are at in the moment

Report back from media team

Report back from tech team

The Bace Path Forward:

(Patricia will make links to all these reports once they are finalized:~)

Celebration of what BACE has accomplished. Appreciation for all the work that has gone on before.

Report on past workshop with Stephanie Rearick.

List of pain points and solutions

Report on Community Weaver

Our present decision making methodology

Report on possible way of moving forward by creating a team

Report on possible way of structuring BACE using Sociocracy

See if people are willing to move forward on recommendations which are found here:

State decision that are made to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Meeting reflections and appreciation.


Conference call number:  (712) 451-0011. Access Code: 433478.

Shared meeting doc: New Work & BACE Path Forward







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