Advantages of being a part of the Timebanks

This page tells all about the overview and history of Time Banks USA. Very inspiring

“The TimeBanking movement is spreading across the United States and internationally. It now includes a network of 200+ independent TimeBanks in the United States. 32+ countries have active TimeBanks. (We hope you will be inspired to go visit some individual TimeBank websites. You will be inspired!)”

BACE becomes a more integral and contributing part of a movement

Time Bank USA has a directory of all time banks so BACE can be found more easily.

They have a tech support team to consult with for members.

They have a coordinator. I contacted him and got great response within one day!

They have the values that BACE shares:

One time start up fee of only $25

They give clear instructions/guidelines from experienced practitioners about how to get an effective team up and running.

Team members can be part of the Timebank Knowledge Commons where they can give and receive information and support

You can get cool resources that are free from the commons. I just found this free book called People Powered Money

People who give their time and energy to the commons can receive time dollars


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